Banksy Hula-Hoop Girl mural on Ilkeston Road

Ilkeston Road, NOTTINGHAM, Nottinghamshire, NG7 3JG
Banksy Hula-Hoop Girl mural on Ilkeston Road


On the junction between Ilkeston Road and Rothesay Avenue

Head down Ilkeston Road to check out this piece of artwork by world-famous anonymous artist Banksy, which appeared in October 2020 and has been shared on Banksy's Instagram page.

The mural, painted on a wall in Rothesay Avenue, Lenton, depicts a young girl hula-hooping with the missing tyre of a nearby bicycle.

The street the artwork is painted on is in Lenton/Radford area, which was once a hub of industry for big names like bicycle-maker Raleigh, which was famous for its role in Alan Silitoe's Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. But many of these traditional big employers have now closed down or moved away from the area. Some have seen the broken bike in the artwork as a nod to this.

The artwork has been covered by a temporary Perspex screen to protect it.

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