Aja Ireland Art Installation at Cave City 2019: Nottingham Underground Festival

Brewhouse Yard, Nottingham, NG1 6AD
Aja Ireland Art Installation at Cave City 2019: Nottingham Underground Festival


Aja Ireland Art Installation
Brewhouse Yard Caves
Satuday 6 to Sunday 7 April 10am-4pm
Free entry

The concept for the caves installation will be an audio visual display using projections from imagery created within a virtual reality (VR) experience made by local artist Aja Ireland during a Leonardo Fellowship at the University of Nottingham at the Digital Transformations Hub. The work also incorporates sculptures created by artist Annie Tadne, lighting and projections as well as an atmospheric soundtrack developed from recordings made in Nottingham caves. The overall effect is a fully immersive ‘alien’ landscape inspired by human biology and underwater deep sea abyss.

Working in collaboration with fellow artists Joey Holder, Jake Moore, Paul Grossman and Ryan Heath; Aja Ireland and the team scanned costumes by Lu La Loop which is a British-made fashion and costume brand. The designer has created bespoke costumes using unique materials and kinetics, emulating the structures and movements of underwater organisms which the artists have scanned into build the terrain of the VR environments. This creates a fully immersive alien landscape inspired by human biology and underwater deep sea abyss.

The caves will be filled with Audio Visual Electro Luminescent phosphorus wire sculptures made by Annie Tadne, the thin copper wire coated in phosphor glows when alternating current is applied to it. The wires are thin, lightweight, flexible and do not generate any heat. They will be mounted as a mesh around the performing area.

Projections of videos and 3D scans inside the cave will go along with special lighting to transform the textures of the caves to become fleshy and alive. Pink and purple lights will be placed around each part of the cave to give the illusion of being inside the human body. The projections of visuals were developed from an IMPATV residency at the Islington Mill.

The installation will also include multi-speaker spatial surround sound using manipulated field recordings taken from the caves themselves. These are the product of many workshops in the Nottingham caves in which participants collected field recordings to transform them into different soundscapes. The theme will be gentle underwater inspired sounds and various alien creatures moving and scuttling around the space.


Aja Ireland is an interdisciplinary sound and performance artist who creates immersive audience interactions and participatory experiences with over 10 years’ experience in producing and performing both nationally and internationally. After producing the sound design for artist Joey Holder for ‘Ophiux’, Aja went on to create an 8 channel spatial sound design score for ‘ADCREDO’ which toured across a series of exhibitions including Matt’s Gallery, London, and the 6th Athens Biennale. In 2018, Aja won The Oram Award funded by PRS Foundation celebrating innovative music production and released her debut album with Opal Tapes which received international press featured in WIRE, The Quietus and VICE Magazine.

Her work within the LGBTQ+ community running workshops in sound art in site specific locations such as the Nottingham caves and as an advocate of promoting and increasing the presence of women in electronic music, has seen her work and performances carry throughout Europe to Brazil at such institutions as for Ableton, Huddersfield University, Loughborough University, Confetti Music Institute, Fine Arts Institute (Vienna) and Teatro do Bolhão (Portugal) with a focus in teaching LGBTQ+ and female/non-binary focused workshops such as The End of Gender, Sounds Queer? and ITOUS.

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