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Friday 4 and Saturday 5 February 2022
Nottingham City Centre
From 5pm until late


Light Night returns to the ‘Rebel City’. Nottingham Light Night 2022 is confirmed as the event returns for its fourteenth year. Nottingham’s Light Night will take place on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 February.

Scheduling updates:

  • Laefer Quarter Trinity, Square - Friday, 8–8.30pm

  • Fun Chorus, Trinity Square - Friday, 6–6.45pm

  • Tuneless Choir, Trinity Square - Friday, 7–7.45pm 

  • Nottingham Ukulele Orchestra, Trinity Square - Saturday, 6–6.45pm and 7.15–8pm

  • Girl Guiding, St Peter's Square - Cancelled
  • ‘Fire Head’ sculpture, Sneinton Market - Cancelled

Added events

  • Light Night Skate - National Ice Centre Fri 7-9pm
  • Bonfire and Hot Chcoclate - St Stephen's Chirs, Sneinton Sat 6-8pm

At the bottom of this listing is a set of offers on parking and transport to help you plan your evening.

Download a copy of the map and event listings
Dowload information on retail, food and drink and leisure in the city for Light Night

The best way to plan your evening is to download the Nottngham Light Night app. There is a free download for either Apple or Android.
Also included is a chance to play with AR (Augmented Reality) and get a pic with the Council House's left lion - Leo.

The app lists activities by day and time but you can also filter by categories. An interactive map will also point you in the direction of activities and installations near you and you can give feedback on what you've seen.

Get it on Google PlayDownload on the App Store

A number of innovative, interactive and engaging light-based installations, performances and activities will take place right across the city.


Rebel Heart - Nonsuch Studios
Old Market Square, NG1 2BB
Fri and Sat 5-10pm

What makes a rebel? What makes a rebellion? What makes a rebel city? A wall of sound, light and projection speaks of the power of change, shares the need for rebels in all walks of life and stands proudly at the heart of the future.

Fire Garden
Nottingham Castle, NG1 6EL
Fri and Sat 5-8pm
Watch the grounds come alive with a fire display like no other.

Site of many rebellions, riots and royal rows, the Castle's dramatic history will come alive with a fire trail, illuminating the Castle grounds in a way never seen before. Follow the lit path to the historic bandstand and bear witness to an incredible installation: a huge ball of transparent red liquid suspended from the ceiling, illuminated by 100 lights. This free ticketed event is now sold out but some walk ups will be accepted on the night

The Carousel, NG1 1FH
Fri and Sat 5.30-10.30pm

CMYRGB is a workshop that runs alongside the interactive exhibition. Participants will make artwork in CMY colours along one of the themes of Nottingham’s Rebel past. Participants will produce a piece of artwork, exploring the themes and contributing to a collaborative exhibition.

The Telling of the Bees
St Mary's Churchyard, NG1 1HN
Fri and Sat 5-10pm

Youth Landscapers Collective present this magical sound and light installation, drawing on the curious myths and extraordinary facts about bee behaviour and the nature of their collective intelligence.

States of Matter
St. Mary's Church, NG1 1HN
Fri 6.30-9.30pm and Sat 5.30-9.30pm

This commission explores the varying states of water from ice to steam through this immersive light and sound installation which will take over the whole of  St. Marys Church The piece has been created with the superb Urban Projections team collaborating with young people from across Nottinghamshire. It questions our fragile relationship with water, whilst examining its natural cycle.

Nottingham Contemporary, NG1 2GB
Fri and Sat - 6, 7, 8pm shows (25m each)
Urban Explorers is Tom Dale Company’s annual youth dance project working in partnership with Inspire Youth Arts. For Light Night we are bringing an exciting and special performance, where 4 youth dance groups will perform alongside professional dancers.This live performance will combine visual art, projection and integrated  dance celebrating movement and technology.
This is a free performance but you can book ahead at:

A Rebel City in Motion
Sneinton Market, NG1 1DS
Fri and Sat 6-10pm
A rebel dares to stand up and to stand out. Situated in the creative heart of Nottingham, this projected motion piece is made to take over the market and to explore the positive associations about being a rebel.

Through custom-drawn, animated lettering, this motion piece seeks to challenge how we normally convey information through written communication.



Performances in Trinity Square: Trinity Square, NG1 4BR

Fun Chorus
Fri 6-6.45pm

The ultimate feel good, community based, singing experience.  There's no auditions, no sheet music and no homework to worry about! Join in singing popular songs.

Anarchy in the Tuneless Way
Fri 7-7.45pm
The most REBELLIOUS choirs of all are TUNELESS CHOIRS! They sing like no one is listening and don’t care what people think. A Punk playlist includes artists such as Billy Idol. Blondie and the Buzzcocks.

Laefer Quartet
Fri 8.30pm

One of the UK’s most dynamic saxophone quartets, the Laefer Quartet love to perform exciting programmes of contemporary music and arrangements of classical works. They've performed in many leading UK venues including Wigmore Hall and the Purcell Room, and have won numerous awards including Park Lane Group Artists and the Elias Fawcett Ensemble Award for an Outstanding Ensemble in the Royal Overseas League Competition. For this half hour set in Trinity Square they'll be performing a vibrant mix of world music, from king of tango nuevo, Astor Piazzolla to  Guillermo Lago.

Nottingham Ukulele Orchestra
Sat 6-6.45pm and 7.15-8pm

It is almost impossible to listen to or play the ukulele without smiling ... This fabulous little instrument has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years, becoming the fastest selling item in music shops across the country. Nottingham is no exception and plays host to one of the county’s biggest clubs for ukulele players ... With a current membership of over 100 “Ukers”, this friendly, fun-loving group, gathers every week to sing and play the ukulele ... The Nottingham Ukulele Orchestra ‘is the performing wing of the Nottingham Ukulele Club’.

RideWise Green Revolution
King Street, NG1 2AS
Fri and Sat 5-10pm

Come along and speak to our cycling revolutionaries - we'll be talking about how the cycling revolution started in Nottingham and how you can play your part in it. Join drop in workshops to see how different lights and high vis help you to be visible on your bike - and help decorate bike baskets and accessories.

Raphael Daden – Light installations
Lister Gate, NG1 7DE
Fri and Sat from dusk

Raphael Daden is a Nottingham-based sculptor working mainly with light. Neon signs will light up Lister Gate with inspirational messages

A Flicker of Hope
Robin Hood Statue, NG1 6AA
Fri 6-9pm

Seely Primary School has created beautiful lanterns by decorating recycled glass jars. The glass jars create a blaze of colour and symbolise a flicker of hope coming out of this difficult time, raising people's spirits.

Rebel Rebel
NGY: Castle Gate, NG1 7AR
Fri 6-9pm and Sat 1-3pm

Rebel and make a pledge to bring about change to save our planet. Dance to David Bowie in Glow in the dark workshops or make glow in the dark masks, and biddle boppers making craft activities.

The main light installation lights up the front and back of the building with planets.

Zomotion zoetropes
Robin Hood Statue, NG1 6AA
Fri and Sat 5–10pm
One zoetrope (of a protesting crowd) is to be projected on to the Castle wall. And this will potentially be flanked by two flying dragon zoetropes which are on 3m poles.

Giant Phoenix
City Arts, NG1 1FH
Fri 7-9pm and Sat 4-7pm

Created in collaboration with Nottingham schools and community groups, led by artist Jessica Kemp. Jess sadly passed away, but celebrating the wonderful things she made for Light Night, the Phoenix is flown in her honour.

Words of Wisdom Window Exhibition
City Arts, NG1 1FH
Fri 5-9pm and Sat 4-8pm

An exhibition of photography by Lamar Francois. Colourful portraits accompany ‘Old Time Sayings’. These are aphorisms and idioms shared by older members of Nottingham’s African-Caribbean community. Please note - this is a window exhibition only.

The Dragon and Her Keeper
Walkabout from City Arts, NG1 1FH
Fri and Sat 5.30-9.15pm
Join the Dragon and her Keeper as she wonders the streets of Hockley looking for the battlefield. Be enchanted by this Life like Dragon puppet and her trusty keeper that hopes to one day be a real knight. learn about the fight to regain the crown for king Richard the 1st. She seems to have lost her way; can you help her?

This performance will start at City Arts and walk around Hockley between 5.30-6.15pm, 7-7.45pm and 8.30-9.15pm each evening.

Amateur theatre in an 18th century building
The Lace Market Theatre, NG1 1QN
Fri 7-11pm

The Lace Market Theatre is an amateur theatre run entirely by volunteers, staging 14 productions a season. Learn something of the history of this Grade 2 listed 18th  century building and see how it is used now. There will be an opportunity to see a play in rehearsal - The Elephant Man and to take part in interactive displays of the lighting and sound technology used in theatres.

Art Protest Rebellion
Nottingham College, NG1 1LP
Fri 5-8.30pm

Students take part in a choreographed 'Protest March' wearing their own printed T Shirts, placards & Banners inspired by the ideas of 'revolution & rebellion' around themes that are most pertinent to young people. They will stop at key venues in Hockley & the Lace Market. See and hear our young artists rebel!

Debbie Bryan Light Night
Debbie Bryan Studios, NG1 1PJ
Fri 12-8pm and Sat 10am-8pm

Debbie Bryan welcome all ages for an evening of late night shopping, creativity and food and drink. Enjoy delicious sweet treats and tipples alongside dedicated Light Night Crafternoon offerings.

Debbie Bryan Light Night Glass Painting Crafternoon
Debbie Bryan Studios, NG1 1PJ
Fri 12-6pm

Visit this Lace Market gallery and creative space on this family-friendly weekender to indulge in hand-painting. Bring your own jam jar to paint or be provided with your own glass tealight. The Debbie Bryan team will provide you with an introduction, materials and top tips to enjoy this inspiring event.

Green Light in the City
Nottingham, NG1 2GN
Fri 5-8pm

Creative hands-on activities and exploration around the topic of the environment. Led by a diverse group of educators and creative organisations, Green Light in the City is a collaborative pop-up with fun activities for all ages and learn about local projects helping to tackle climate change.

Nottingham Contemporary, NG1 2GB
Fri 6-10pm and Sat 9am-10pm

Large scale textile banners inspired by a recognition of Nottingham’s unique historical legacies of protest, as well a projection of future aspirations by and for young people currently living and working in and around our city.

Illuminate Exhibition
Nottingham College, NG1 1LP
Fri 4.30-8.30pm
Nottingham College Art & Design hosts an exhibition of student work in reaction to theme of 'illumination'. Students have been inspired by the work of other artists' and designers' in developing ideas relating to light, space and wider themes around the rebellious artist and designer.

Illuminated Windows
Nottingham College, NG1 1NG
Fri 6-9pm
The windows at 25 Stoney Street will be illuminated by the work of Level 2 Art & Design students who have worked on the theme of protest and rebellion, creating screen-prints and digital art-work. The windows will be transformed into a visual gallery space.

OneConversation: Back to Normal
The streets of Nottingham city centre, starts NG1 1HN
Fri and Sat 5-8pm

Learning Disabled and Autistic activist movement 'OneConversation' bring you their response to the 2020 lockdown: Back to Normal - a set of short films that highlight what they are not satisfied with. The films will be emblazoned onto the walls of the city from the 'Light Cycle' - an instrument of guerrilla activism developed by the internationally renowned Urban Projections.

Blue Plaque Project
Backlit Gallery, NG3 1JG
Fri and Sat 6-8pm

Lumina Collective will produce an alternative blue plaque that will shine a light on the people of Nottingham who are often overlooked. An alternative blue plaque that will take the form of an LED scrolling display board. This will feature the names of people of all genders that have made valuable contributions to their local communities within Nottingham. This will be accompanied by an audio guide that will share the stories behind the people featured within the artwork.

Get Light & Bright
Backlit Gallery, NG3 1JG
Sat 6-8pm

A mural making session that explores light and colour. Play with a range of painting, drawing and collage techniques to make your own contribution to our ‘Rebel City’ mural celebrating the community of Nottingham. Suitable for ages 4+.

Exhibition of work by Sarah Fiander
Artist's Studio, NG1 1DQ
Fri and Sat 10am – 8pm

Exhibition of sculptures, drawings and prints by artist Sarah Fiander, hosted in working studio. Everyone is welcome.

'Fire Head'
Sneinton Market, NG1 1DS
Fri 5-10pm
The ‘Fire Head’ sculpture is filled with 150kg of sustainably produced charcoal and burns for approximately 5 hours. It stands over 2 meters tall and is surrounded by large candles with an equal burn time. It radiates warmth and light.

Light Night at Sneinton Market
Sneinton Marketplace, NG1 1DS
Fri and Sat, markets to 9pm

On Friday, Brazilian Carnival Light Parade around the avenues of Sneinton Market with the Brazilian Cultural Centre Maracatu Dancers, Nottingham Samba Collective, Capoeira Nottingham and Inspire Urself Carnival troupe, from 6.30 to 8pm.

On Saturday, Samba, Capoeira and Soca dance workshops at the Brazilian Cultural Centre dance studio, Unit 18 Sneinton Market. From 5 to 8pm.

Markets will include laser Light shows, live UV graffiti, food, drink, music and more.

Luisa's Vegan Chocolates
Sneinton Market, NG1 1DS
Fri 11.30 am-9pm and Sat 10.30am – 9pm
​​​​​​A small, independent award winning craft chocolate business. The the only chocolate makers in Nottingham, making it from the bean to the bar, all our creations are made on site.

Surface Reimagined
Surface Gallery. NG1 1DL
Fri 6-9pm and Sat 5-9pm

Surface opens late for Light Night with two exhibitions on show and window projections on display. The gallery's new front windows will be lit up for the occasion, and our latest exhibition, Surface Reimagined, will have it's opening, alongside the International Postcard Show.

Without Asking Why
Sneinton Market, NG1 1DS
Fri 10am – 10pm and Sat 5-10pm

‘The time has come, not to believe in every lie. Not to follow every rule, without asking why’. - Shon Mehta - A creative installation of visuals and sound. Interact with the touch sensitive device and see and hear responses. Create your own visual and audio tapestry and discover the need to question and keep questioning - a key element to the rebel inside us all.

A Little Bit Of Rebellion Is A Good Thing
Tunnel Vision 2 Digital Art Gallery, NG1 3NS
Fri and Sat 8am – 11.30pm

A digital installation created by UK New Artists (UKNA) in collaboration with five Nottingham-based artists. Rebellion is built into the fibre of our city, but not all rebellion is ground-breaking. Rebellion can be small, but so vital. Stories of "everyday rebellion"  will be shown on the Tunnel Vision 2 digital screens at Victoria Bus Station.

Waterway Splendour, Castle Wharf
Nottingham Beeston Canal, NG1 7EH
Fri 5-9pm
Join the Canal & River Trust and enjoy the water in a new way. See the spectacle of Castle Wharf lit up, using hundreds of fairy lights to create a magical canal scene. Make your own floating boat to add to the display.

Lights in the Gardens
Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens, NG2 2HZ
Sat 6-8pm

The Community Gardens will be adorned with many lights and lanterns (lots will have been made in workshops at the gardens. Come along and have an explore, entrance to the site is free and the gardens look really magical illuminated after dark.

Mill by Moonlight
Green's Windmill and Science Centre, NG2 4QB
Fri and Sat 4-8pm

Explore Green’s Windmill and Science Centre after hours on this special open evening for Light Night. Visitors will have the rare opportunity to climb the windmill after darkness and a special treat awaits at the top - panoramic views of Nottingham City’s twinkling lights. And wind allowing our sails will be turning, making an unusual sight as they rotate in near darkness lit in coloured lighting.

Other info on the map

Nottingham Tourism Centre
Smithy Row, Nottingham NG1 2BY
Fri and Sat 9.30am -7.30pm
Visit the Nottingham Tourism Centre for up to date information on Light Night, pick up the event map and download the official event app.

Light Night Market
Long Row/Smithy Row 10am-10pm

A hand-picked selection of Nottingham’s best street food and independent traders.

Broadmarsh Car Park - Special Offer
Nottingham, NG1 7EJ

Fri and Sat 5-10.30pm
Park between 5pm and 10:30pm on these days for £2.50 per session. 
Payment of the discounted rate will be available via the contactless system on the entry and exit. This offer excludes the RH App. If customers park before or after these times, the normal parking tariffs for the Broad Marsh car park will apply, pro rata, in addition to the £2.50 charge.

NET - Tram Travel Offer
Group ticket offer (£6 for up to 2 adults and 3 children).

Trent Barton travel offer
ZigZag ticket - unlimited travel ticket, that means you can travel anywhere across trentbarton land. Just buy a zigzag on the first bus you travel on and go anywhere you want. £6.6- fpr one person and £16 for up to five travelling.

Nottingham City Transport offer
Grouprider ticket (£6 - unlimited travel for families and couples travelling together). Covers up to 5 people, where there has to be at least 1 adult (aged 19 or over) and no more than two adults.
A Grouprider covers all NCT services in the Nottingham Zone. For journeys to the Outer Area, such as Loughborough, East Leake, Burton Joyce, Lambley, Woodborough and Southwell, a Network Grouprider (£9) is required.

Public Toilets
Greyhound Street, NG1 2DP
Fri and Sat 7am – 10pm
Public toilets with Changing Places.


Organised by Nottingham City Council and sponsored by Nottingham Business Improvement District (BID), the organisation behind It's in Nottingham; the event is also being supported with funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England, some of the funding available nationally from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) - The Welcome Back Fund, community groups, and city venues.

With so many amazing installations across the city centre, there is something to capture everyone’s imagination. Because of this, there will be tools to help visitors plan their trip beforehand.

Visitors will be able to plan their visit, plan itineraries, and read more about the installations using the Light Night App. This will be available at the end of next week. The app will also contain listings for shops, restaurants, bars, and other entertainment venues that will be opening late in the city for Light Night. Watch out too, for travel offers on trams, buses, and car parking.

People visiting the city for Light Night are asked to continue to take steps to stay safe from Covid-19. Although restrictions are easing, cases of the virus remain high in Nottingham and so people should still think about what they can do reduce the spread of Covid. The advice remains to take a rapid lateral flow test at home before going out, continue to wear a mask in busy indoor spaces – particularly on public transport – and get vaccinated.  

Further information

The Light Night App will be available for IoS and Android platforms and is free to download

Maps, brochures, and full event information will be regularly updated on this web page.

Fire Garden is created by And Now, drawing together highly skilled, experienced teams of freelance pyrotechnicians, artist-makers, technical crew, production and site managers who have worked together over many years to make accessible work for people of all ages, gender, ability and ethnicity. And Now: has created installations and shows for: Brighton Festival; SO Festival Skegness; Bestival; Royal Botanical Gardens Kew and many others. The display will pay homage to the Castle's royal beginnings, whilst remembering the blood shed by those who fought for social justice through Nottingham's rebellious history. The trail will also feature arrows inspired by world-famous Nottingham Lace and flocks of fluttering wings, symbolising hope for the future and respect for the past.

Rebel Heart is a new installation commissioned for Light Night 2022 produced by Nottingham's independent theatre & creative venue: Nonsuch Studios. Directed by Edward Boott, Video Design by Ash J Woodward, Lighting Design by Jessica Hung Han Yun & Sound Design by Inês Sampaio.

Welcome Back Fund – Light Night has received some funding from The Welcome Back Fund which is providing councils across England a share of £56 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to support the safe return to high streets and help build back better from the pandemic. This funding builds on the £50 million Reopening High Street Safely Fund (RHSSF) allocated to councils in 2020 and forms part of the wider support government is providing to communities and businesses.

Find out how to get a Covid-19 test here:

More information about booking a vaccination can be found here:


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