With a more thorough understanding of special needs on the rise, autism friendly events have begun to be implemented throughout the UK, allowing those on the autism spectrum, along with their carers and families, to enjoy and take part in regular events and attractions.

Often providing ‘early bird’ or late night openings, participating venues can allow those with autism or additional requirements to enjoy their events and attractions in a more relaxed setting. These tailored events can include limited number of visitors, toned down lighting, and less noise to reduce over stimulation, along with chill-out spaces to relax in if things get a little overwhelming.

We’ve compiled a list for World Autism Awareness Week 2017 of venues in Nottinghamshire that provide supportive and relaxed events. Take a look below and check back as we will endeavour to add to the list!

Theatre Royal Concert Hall provide relaxed performances and have a visual story of the buildings to make your visit easier.

Broadway Cinema host film Supportive Environment Screenings with special care taken to make the environment supportive for children on the autism spectrum.

Nottingham Playhouse – find information on Nottingham Playhouse’s website about their access for people with learning disabilities.

The National Video Game Arcade regularly host SEN days to make the galleries less overwhelming: house music will be off, and the games’ noise turned down where possible. Everyone is welcome, but they ask all customers to be sensitive and accommodating. The next date is Sunday the 7th of May, but keep a look at their website for future dates.

The fantastic Dinosaurs of China exhibition coming to Wollaton Hall from June is holding an Access for All Day.

intu Victoria & intu Broadmarsh Shopping Centre each provide various events, services and facilities for those on the autism spectrum, including visual stories of their centres, alert cards and wristbands.

Further support and information can be found at Euans Guide and Autism East Midlands.




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