If you’ve just about had enough of the somewhat sporadic British weather and you’re daydreaming about your next getaway, why not grab your sandals and sunglasses and head to a tropical rainforest oasis? Nope, we’re not suggesting you hop on the next flight to Bora Bora – you need look no further than Nottingham’s Cornerhouse, where you’ll find the Tiki Bar at The Lost City Adventure Golf.

The Lost City Adventure Golf has got to be up there with our favourite things to do in the city. It’s an easy-going game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, so it doesn’t really matter if your aim is worse than a blindfolded boa constrictor. You don’t have to be the next Tiger Woods to have a great time.

What’s more, the rainforest theme is pretty immersive – where else in Nottingham will have you sidestepping skulls, fending off tree frogs and avoiding alligators? - so naturally we had pretty high expectations for their Tiki Bar, located on a mezzanine above the golf. When we heard they were even launching a brand-new range of cocktails, that pretty much swung it for us – so off we went to see for ourselves.

The tropical vibes hit you like a monsoon the moment you step inside. It’s dimly lit and decked out to the rafters with lush and exotic plants, palm trees, fairy lights and tiki-style decorations. Hawaiian-style wicker tables and chairs are cosily gathered around a beach bar shack and there’s even live music, immediately transporting us to warmer climes and chilled-out holiday times.

Kicking back in this equatorial paradise, we study the new cocktail menu. It’s charmingly presented on a ripped ‘adventure-map’ style scroll, offering intriguing tropical delights such as Mayan Muddle or Violet Ark. We sample several of these and are equally impressed with the tangy and refreshing Tiki-La, the adventurously spiced and smoky Kalani Kolada, the sweet and fruity Strawberry Falls and the grown-up citrus and herb notes of Thyme after Thyme.

It’s a deeply atmospheric setting in which to enjoy a drink, and we particularly appreciate the mesmerising tropical rainstorm they’ve recreated with projectors and sound-effects. It’s strangely soothing to watch the rain lashing down, accompanied by crackles of lightning across the sky and rumbles of thunder - although mercifully they stop short of actually spraying you with water.

So put down your passport – there’s simply no need to fork out thousands for a far-flung foray into the wilderness when you can experience those tropical vibes right here in Nottingham. We’re not sure we could handle that sticky heat and humidity anyway, not to mention the creepy crawlies lurking under every leaf. Who needs mosquitos when you can have mojitos?

This blog was written by Sophie Milne, Communications Executive at Visit Nottinghamshire.


The Lost City Adventure Golf
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The Lost City Nottingham

Start your epic adventure at The Lost City Adventure Golf in The Cornerhouse!

The Cornerhouse
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The Cornerhouse

One house, a whole lot of film, food and fun! Right in the heart of Nottingham city centre.



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