Beeston, just 5 miles to the southwest of Nottingham city centre on the Toton line of the NET tram, has established itself as a hub of art and creativity. Only a few years ago, in 2018, the Beeston Street Art project began with a festival and the community group continues to create attractions in association with The Beeston and District Civic Society.

Over 30 local and visiting artists have painted works both large and small around the town, making Beeston a top destination for street art tourism in the UK today. 

If you take a walk through Beeston, you’ll find the most gorgeous artwork popping up on precinct walls and passages, bringing colour, culture and happiness to the streets of Beeston. From celebrating local heroes to imaginative creations, here’s a rundown of a few of the stunning murals you’ll find decorating the town.

All pictures are shot by one of Nottingham’s top photographers, Lamar Francois - be sure to visit his website to see more of his work!

Girl with Sunglasses – Buber Nebz

Adorning the walls of Roundhill Primary School, you’ll find an aray of skillful creations by various artists, including ‘Girl with Sunglasses' by Loughborough based graffiti artist Buber Nebz. You can spot the stunning mural from the Glebe Street / Foster Avenue twitchell, or from the Lidl car park nearby.

Alex Rubes

This colourful design in Beeston Square was created by Nottingham street artist, Alex Rubes, and references the stripe designs of fashion legend and local hero Sir Paul Smith - and is simultaneously a little nod to the Pride celebrations.


French street artist Zabou has presented Beeston with a beautiful lasting tribute to three of Nottingham’s icons, right in the town centre, on Station Road. Fashion designer Sir Paul Smith, late actor Richard Beckinsale and late singer Edwin Starr have been immortalised in this amazing graffiti artwork, celebrating their creative contributions to Nottingham.

Painted Lady – Jim Vision

In High Road, Chilwell, the side of the building of Leisure Maintenance Services Ltd has been transformed into a breathtaking mural by London based street artist, Jim Vision. The mural of the 'Painted Lady' references the butterflies' migration from North Africa to make their temporary home in Attenborough and Beeston Marina. With its bursting colours and impeccable details, a trip to see this gorgeous gem can’t be missed!

There’s even more stunning artwork and amazing murals around Beeston - you just need to know where to look! Click here for a map to see where you can find them all!

So why not grab your camera and go on a satisfying art hunt, punctuated by visits to the many local cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants?  Beeston is leading the way in high street regeneration, showing the valuable social, wellbeing and economic benefits of exhibiting creativity. New venues are opening all the time, most recently the 8-screen multiplex Arc Cinema. 

Beeston really is a creative force to be reckoned with, and the Beeston Street Art group on Facebook have even started a fundraiser for their own Light Night event to be called #alightinBeeston, another thing we can look forward to here in Notts!

This blog was written by Jeanie Barton, follow #beestonstreetart and #alightinBeeston on socials, and if you would like to get involved contact Jeanie on 




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