Christmas is back again with all the magic and excitement we’ve come to expect here in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire! After a sensational debut in 2020 and a strong showing building on that in 2021, Christmas at Wollaton is back for 2022 with some new exciting light displays and I was excited to go and check it out.

As the night drew in, we stepped out from my home into the chilly but crisp and fresh autumn air for the opening of Christmas at Wollaton to enjoy their much-anticipated light display. Walking up the winding path to the hall, I was greeted by the Elizabethan mansion lit up a warm pink and many excited trail-goes with their friends and family looking forward to the display ahead.

Upon arriving at this magical destination, we were greeted by the friendly staff and checked in. Moments later, we were wandering through the first part of the multi-sensory light trail – the treecicles and the brilliant baubles that evoked and Alice of Wonderland feeling in us. This section of the trail took us along a scenic journey with fairy lights in the colours of blue, purple and pink to arrive at the iconic Wollaton Deer light display which has come to characterise the event over the last couple of years and is also a little nod towards the deer that are roaming freely around Wollaton Park’s gardens. You can also take a picture with here with the famous Christmas at Wollaton neon light just to prove to your friends and family that you were actually there and it’s not all just a festive photoshop!

Shortly following the Wollaton Deer, you reach the majestic shimmering street, walk down this glittering pathway and bask in the thousands of warm welcoming lights. Enjoy the tranquillity of the display as you make your way along to the new I saw three ships display. Marvel at the pretty illuminated boats which seem to float effortlessly on the calm blue ocean of sparkling lights and a huge star as the focal point of the display.

You’ll soon come to one of this year’s newest displays, the Dazzling Dimensions tunnel. This warped tunnel of neon lights is a welcome edition Christmas at Wollaton, transporting you to a festive Tokyo city (but without all the hustle and bustle that comes along with it).

The winter gardens are spectacularly decorated again this year. With its customary Victorian charm, the lights are done wonderfully well and enhance the natural beauty and stateliness of this much-loved Nottingham venue. Once you scroll past the gardens you will enter The Cameliazer House with many mesmerizing and colourful laser lights that are so bright that you can almost feel like you can reach out and grab them.

After this you’ll visit the fantastic finale in which you’ll see Wollaton Hall in all its splendour and pomp for a spectacular light show. The name fantastic finale really doesn’t do the lights show on the hall justice. Then again, no words can! Stand and enjoy this magnificently choreographed display which is the centre piece of this wonderful event.

Take some time around here to grab some marshmallows on a stick. Toast them on one of the small fires whilst soaking up the magical atmosphere and expertly done light displays going on around you. Grab a hot chocolate if you’re feeling a little chilly, it’ll be sure to warm you up!

Toward the end of the trail, you’ll go through the twinkling tunnel and head towards the mini Christmas market and some festive carnival rides which aren’t to be missed before you leave!

Over the last couple of years, Christmas at Wollaton has earned a reputation for being one of the region’s top Christmas events. It’s no wonder why either. Those who come will be blown away by this multi-sensory experience and the attention to detail with which the event has been crafted. For those wanting to get into the festive mood, have an evening out with the family or experience some peace and tranquillity, Wollaton Hall should be at the top of anyone’s list.

Christmas at Wollaton is escapism at its very finest. Once again, this festive event delivers a visually stunning multi-sensory light trail around the gardens and grounds of Nottingham’s iconic landmark. Until the 1st of January 2023, you can enter this beautifully crafted world of light and festivity, a magical evening that we were fortunate enough to experience!

Book your tickets through the Visit Nottinghamshire website here.

Christmas at Wollaton offers allocated time slots for anyone with additional needs who would benefit from experiencing the trail in a quieter setting. Every effort has been made to make the trail accessible but bear in mind parts of the trail are on uneven terrain and could be affected by wet weather. Accessible toilets are available. 

Blog written by Kinga Kapias - Marketing and Communications Manager for Visit Nottinghamshire.


Christmas at Wollaton
Christmas Events
Christmas at Wollaton

Christmas at Wollaton is back with brand new trail for 2023 - bringing colour, light and play to Nottingham this December!

Wollaton Hall and Park
Wollaton Hall - Visit Nottinghamshire

Spectacular Elizabethan Mansion and Deer Park set in the beautiful suburbs of Nottingham. Car parking £3 for up to 2 hours and £5 for the whole day.



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