Nottingham Playhouse's latest Pantomime, Cinderella, is an absolute triumph and a sure favourite for the 2023 Christmas calendar.

From start to finish, the production is simply brimming with glitter, gags and sensational singing – the perfect panto! By weaving local humour and references into the narrative with expert tact and wit,  they have plenty of jokes for both the adults and kids in the crowd.

Prepare to be dazzled by the costumes that seem to have more glitter than ever before! A real feast for the senses, you will love the costume changes by both dames, in particular. Local legend John Elkington is joined by Tom Hopcroft – an exceptionally talented actor with impeccable comic timing, who you may recognise from the 2021 production of Beauty and the Beast from Nottingham Playhouse. Their costumes are brimming with comedy, creativity and cultural references, and are definitely the best in recent memory. Another stand-out is, of course, Cinderella’s dress itself. Without giving anything away, we can only say this: you will love the transformation!


The show features hits from the likes of George Ezra, Lizzo, Kylie Minogue and Queen. A great mix of throwback favourites and new hits, the musical numbers inject a burst of contemporary energy into the classic tale of Cinderella. It also means that everyone can sing along at some point, regardless of age! The cast are incredibly talented and belt these bangers out like it’s nobody’s business! The musical performances, especially those from Jewelle Hutchison’s Cinderella, Georgia-Mae Price’s Dandini and Alice Redmond’s characters are real show stoppers. The live band are perhaps the often forgotten heroes of the music numbers – but not on this stage. It is their precise timing, skill and attention to detail, after all, which is the lynchpin to so much of the comedy on stage.

As well as written witticism, the show has a number of practical jokes with prop comedy that take centre stage. There is even one section which plays with the lights, which includes the behind-the-scenes crew in the show! These jokes come to life under the expertise of the cast and crew's comedic genius. The whole auditorium was roaring with laughter - and proper belly laughs – which you just can’t help! This laughter is contagious, and every new slapstick moment only brings a new roar of laughter.

The sets are also bigger, better and more colourful than ever before. Contributing to the local references, they also become the hero of the production with Cinderella’s carriage. Including a life size animatronic horse, the carriage also seems to fly out of the stage as it takes Cinderella to the ball! The sets are not just backdrops; they are glamorous, immersive pieces that create the on stage magic.

This show is a real must-see in the Nottingham calendar for 2023. You can expect a fun-filled night of raucous laughter and festive feelings which will make you leave feeling lighter. It is the perfect tonic for these cold winter days and nights!

This blog was written by Katherine Taylor, Marketing Executive at Visit Nottinghamshire.


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