As a fairly laid-back gamer, my gaming history traces back to my youth with PC games and various consoles, including a journey from the Nintendo64 to my current PlayStation 4—indicative of my age bracket. Recently, Meetspace VR ft Zero Latency extended an invitation for us to explore their venue in the Victoria Centre, conveniently situated near the bus station, offering a gateway to their captivating digital worlds. 

Two of my friends also joined in on this experience. For those unfamiliar with Meetspace VR, let me shed some light on this thrilling digital escapade, perfect for enjoying with friends or family. Picture yourself delving into a 3D gaming environment where you can physically navigate the game, with your friends as companions in the adventure, fighting alongside you. 

Upon entering, the Meetspace team warmly welcomed us to a relaxed chill-out area featuring a gaming lounge, pool table, café-style seating, and a designated space to engage in a ‘VR escape room' experience. Our extremely helpful host, guided us through the sign-in process and completion of participation forms, including the selection of display names for the game. Quick-witted naming not being my forte, I settled on 'Kelmeister.' 

We proceeded to the 'Briefing room,' where an armoury of rifles and VR headsets adorned the wall. We were then provided with a concise safety briefing, emphasising the radar system that indicates our position in the headset to avoid collisions. Following safety instructions, we viewed videos about the upcoming games and the objectives. As I lowered the visor over my eyes, the visor's camera activated, offering a greyscale, slightly digitised version of the surroundings. Friends' voices and our host's helpful, reassuring instructions echoed in the headset as we prepared for the adventure. 

We were led into the expansive VR room, and the real world faded away as the digital VR realm unfolded. 'Kelmeister' glowed a few meters away, and I positioned myself for the start of the first game. 

The initial game, 'Engineerium,' is perfect for children and presented a fantastical ancient world with manipulated gravity—a platformer where teamwork with friends is essential. Floating on Aztec-style blocks high above an ocean, we navigated checkpoints while mystical sea creatures roamed around us. I’ve never experienced such a strange feeling, the ground under my feet sloping away and walking over the side of a cliff face, finding myself separated from my friends who are now above my head! The game's completion in around 15 minutes left us with a surreal and captivating experience, a great introduction to the VR medium. 

The next adventure, 'Singularity,' suited my gaming preferences—a team-based shooter to repel a robot invasion from an orbiting satellite base. The rifle attached to our kit became crucial. I looked across at my friends in terror as robots charged with knives drawn.  
I found myself frantically searching for clean headshots, although the experience was more of a mad panic to shoot anything moving. Yes, I died multiple times, but that didn't really matter too much as respawn was almost instantaneous. In hindsight, I realised I should have made more use of the shield on my arm! 
As we battled through the satellite, once again we became separated and I found myself uneasily moving through the corridors on my own, 'Don’t leave me here to die!' I shouted to my friends jokingly. We caught sight of each other, walking across metal girders with a sheer 150 metre drop below us, gathering again on a moving platform to ready ourselves for the final boss. 
Working as a team, we conquered a giant mech robot in the final battle, prompting the game host's congratulations through our headsets. Removing the headsets, I couldn't help but recall a line from one of my favourite films, 'The Matrix': 'Welcome to the real world, Neo.' 
As I ventured further into the immersive world of Meetspace VR ft Zero Latency, I discovered that one of their most popular experiences is ‘Outbreak.’ This intense virtual reality scenario places you in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, providing a thrilling and heart-pounding adventure. What sets Outbreak apart is not only its popularity but also the unique feature that they film you 'in game.' This means you can relive and share the adrenaline-pumping moments of your VR experience with friends and family, capturing your reactions to the challenges and scares that unfold within the game. 

The leaderboards offer an excellent competitive element to the experience. As you navigate through the virtual challenges, your performance is tracked, allowing you to see how your skills stack up against others who have braved the same digital realms. Whether you're aiming for the top spot or just looking to challenge your own limits, the leaderboard adds an extra layer of motivation to the overall Meetspace VR adventure. 

The 30–45-minute session provided an otherworldly enjoyment that I would recommend to friends and family. With currently 6 VR titles to choose from, including the AAA title Far Cry (16+), there's a diverse selection catering to various preferences. While I might shy away from horror and zombie titles, I challenge you to give them a try! Additionally, the option to go head-to-head against friends in PvP adds another layer to the action. 

There is a maximum of 8 participants in any one VR experience, Games last for around 15 minutes although ‘Outbreak’ and ‘Far Cry’ last for 30 mins. Prices start at around £24 per person and gamers must be a minimum of 10 years old. The smaller Hero Zone is for gamers 8+ and contains about a dozen escape rooms to enjoy! 

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