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Minority Report

Set in a futuristic world where criminals can be convicted before a crime has even been committed, Minority Report is a thought-provoking sci-fi drama which explores the murky realm between free will and predetermined fate. This adaptation is based on Philip K. Dick’s short story of the same name and follows the journey of Pre-Crime founder Julia Anderton, played by Jodie McNee, after she becomes a victim of her own highly scientific system and is revealed to be Britain’s newest pre-criminal.

Jodie McNee’s performance as Julia is particularly impressive as she faces an emotionally charged struggle in fighting for her innocence whilst still protecting and upholding the integrity of Pre-Crime. Tanvi Virmani also stands out in her role as Julia’s computerised voice companion ‘David’, with her often humorous and sarcastic responses provided in the face of adversity.

The fast-paced chase scenes around a futuristic London are especially gripping to watch given the dynamic visuals and acoustics, which, when coupled with the intimate nature of Nottingham’s Playhouse theatre, offered a fully immersive viewing experience. Despite being built in the 1960’s, it certainly wasn’t difficult to feel transported to the 2050’s for the full 90 minutes thanks not only to the brilliant cast and production but in no small part to the fantastic stage crew, who ensured that transitions between scenes were flawless.

In conclusion, although at times it felt as though certain plot points could have been explained in more detail, I believe the stage production of Minority Report succeeded in delivering a succinct and thrilling spectacle. I would certainly recommend this adaptation to fellow fans of the film version, but also to newcomers who enjoy grappling with topics such as freedom, justice and civil rights.

This blog was written by Kit Clarke for Visit Nottinghamshire.


Minority Report
Minority Report

This thrilling adaptation of Philip K. Dick's iconic story challenges our beliefs about justice and free will in a real-time chase through the London of the future.



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