Ahead of the Unlimited Wellbeing Festival at Motorpoint Arena Nottingham on Sunday 12 May, we were invited along to a launch event for the festival. Eager to discover just what this unique festival would have to offer, we went along full of excitement and in need of some serious relaxation, especially after a hectic day in the office!

When we first arrived at Motorpoint Arena, we were directed up a floor and to a suite. Inside there were a number of stands all manned by people with lovely big smiles, which was a thoroughly nice greeting! We were told we could go and take a look around the stands, which included a free personal health check, back and shoulder massages (of a whole host of varieties), Ayurveda Indian healing, laughter therapy and more, before taking a seat to hear from two of the festival organisers.

To begin with we were shown a short video of last year’s festival, which took place in Derby. Like the people on the stands this evening, everyone in the video just looked, to put it simply, happy. You could see how much they were enjoying chatting to health, fitness and wellbeing experts, and how much fun it looked taking part in one of the 100s of classes and workshops taking place throughout the day. There’ll be even more classes and workshops taking place at this year’s festival too, all of which are included in your ticket price.

Following the video, we heard from Unlimited Wellbeing’s Chief Operating Officer, David and the Chief Executive, Sanj, both of whom were great. We were told about the ethos behind the company and festival, which in a nutshell is to ensure health and wellbeing treatments are accessible for all, without breaking the bank. We bloomin’ love this philosophy and you could clearly see how passionate both chaps are about health and wellbeing. We’re certain this is a key ingredient to a pretty awesome festival!

In between enjoying some treatments including a luxurious deep tissue massage by the fab team at Serenity Station, and the cleansing of our chakras – don’t worry we’ll explain: a lovely lady called Kat, from the Tiger Boe Centre identified a certain point of electromagnetic force in each of our bodies, and then, with lightening speed, released the negative energy from that point – and it really worked! Kat released energy from my throat, asking if I took words to heart and let negative things that people have said to me hang over me, which is true. It really was quite remarkable!

During the evening, we enjoyed a demonstration from the Human Lie Detector, Darren Stanton, who will be performing on the main stage at the festival, which had everyone in the room wowed. Darren told us about his work, which has seen him embark on his own TV series in the US, before showing us just how brilliant he is at detecting someone telling porkies, with a couple of fun demos.

The evening ended with a totally relaxing gong bath experience. For those of you not quite sure what this is (not going to lie, we didn’t!), let me explain. We were asked the lie on our yoga mats, with a cushion under our heads and just concentrate on our breathing, allowing thoughts to come and go in our minds but not dwelling on ones like ‘what will I have for dinner tomorrow’ and ‘it’s a shame I’ve got a million things to do at work tomorrow’. Mahala, the lady leading the session who runs Earthtones Sound Therapy, then created a series of incredibly atmospheric sounds on gongs and Tibetan healing bowls before gently chanting, and finally ending the session with some gentle maracas, bringing us back into consciousness. While it’s hard to fully describe the experience as it’s all about sound, it was incredibly relaxing, and I felt a lot less tense following the session.

The amazing treatments, therapies and workshop we experienced at this launch event were just a flavour, a small snapshot of what will be on offer at the Unlimited Wellbeing Festival. Ticket holders can expect to see lots more exhibitors offering free advice, a wide range of therapies and treatments to be enjoyed in the pamper zone, lots of health, fitness and wellbeing goodies to purchase, and a ton of fabulous classes and workshops.

The Unlimited Wellbeing Festival is taking place at Motorpoint Arena Nottingham on Sunday 12 May, doors open at 9.45am. You can find out more and book tickets here.

This blog was written by Alex Broughton, Marketing & Communications Manager at Visit Nottinghamshire.


Unlimited Wellbeing Festival
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Unlimited Wellbeing Festival

Enter the world of Unlimited Wellbeing to find three great shows in one, featuring Health & Fitness, Holistic and Hair & Beauty with over 200 leading health and wellbeing professionals exhibiting. Enjoy free workshops and classes, browse amazing products from all over the world and get free advice from some of the most respected practitioners in the UK before indulging yourself with a luxurious massage or spa treatment in the pamper zone.

Motorpoint Arena Nottingham
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Motorpoint Arena Nottingham

Situated in the heart of Nottingham city centre and with a capacity of 10,000, Motorpoint Arena Nottingham hosts the biggest names in live music, comedy and sports.



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