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For those of us who have grown up in and around Nottinghamshire, hearing about the tale and legend of Robin Hood is nothing new. Many of us take the story of Robin Hood and his connection to Nottingham and the wider region for granted, as part of the local furniture. We all know the stories (or at least so we think). Been there. Seen it. Done it. Got the green stockings.

But the story is legendary – a tale passed down the ages. Robin Hood is known worldwide. The hooded man has been played by Hollywood’s biggest names, Errol Flynn, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner, Russel Crowe and Disney turned the tale into an animated classic. The appeal of the legend crosses boarders, languages and cultures. How do we then re-discover the magic and wonder of Nottinghamshire’s most famous son?

Enter, Ezekial Bone’s Robin Hood Town Tour. This approximately 2.5-hour tour, which starts at the Cross Keys on Byard Lane in the city centre, seeks to re-capture the significance of this age-old tale.

Led expertly by Robin Hood himself, the tour takes you through some of Nottingham’s most significant sites. Learn about the gruesome history of the National Justice Museum, marvel at the majesty of the Lace Market’s architecture and explore the caves of Nottingham with the world’s most famous outlaw.

The Robin Hood Town Tour is an absolute must do for visitors to Nottingham and locals alike. The tour highlights the importance of the Robin Hood legend, and how the tale is relevant in today’s modern world, some 700 years after the stories and ballads emerged in Medieval Nottingham. Ezekial Bone is terrific, funny, witty and knowledgeable beyond belief. The tour strikes the perfect balance of entertainment, humour and fascinating information. Flying 15th century swords, cave experiences and the finest ale in Christendom to finish (tested and happily verified by this writer) at Britain’s oldest inn Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem.

For those looking to come to Nottingham, the tour is a brilliant way to get more acquainted with the city and get a feel for its heritage and culture. For locals, a chance to soak up some native Nottinghamshire Pride. The Trip Advisor reviews are a testament to the quality of this expertly put together tour, consistently being rated by visitors and locals alike as one of Nottingham’s best attractions. Over 500 excellent ratings can’t be wrong!

The tour is a perfect launch point to start any weekend or visit to Nottingham, providing a brilliant portrait of the city’s rich heritage and vibrant past. You get a wide taste of Nottingham’s history, pricking your curiosity and priming you for visits to some of the city’s other fantastic tourism destinations.

You simply can’t appreciate the city to its fullest extent until you’ve been on this tour. Nottingham is home to one of the world’s most well-known stories and we should be shouting about it from the rooftops – luckily with the Ezekial Bone’s Robin Hood Town Tour, we have someone leading that charge.

Tickets to the Robin Hood Town Tour can be brought through the Visit Nottinghamshire Website -

Piece written by Jack Woolley - Communications and PR Specialist for Visit Nottinghamshire.


Ezekial Bone's Robin Hood Tours of Nottingham
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Ezekial Bone's Robin Hood Tours of Nottingham

Ezekial Bone’s character-led heritage tours capture the spirit of Nottingham. Entertaining, educational and inspirational, Bone’s theatrical tours are based on historical fact and explore the best places to see in Nottingham. Ezekial Bone also leads the top tourist attraction ‘Robin Hood Town Tour.’

The Cross Keys
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The Cross Keys

Steeped in hundreds of years of history and renovated to the highest standards The Cross Keys one of Nottingham's finest gems. This late Victorian pub serves a modern British based menu washed down with a high quality range of real ales, ciders and wines.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem
Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

Situated at the foot of Nottingham Castle and nestled in the sandstone cliff rock, Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem is England's oldest inn and a landmark of Nottingham history.



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