Last month we attended Em-Con - Nottingham's very own Comicon - and it was a day to remember. Blessed with a sunny Saturday (with a bit of wind to keep things interesting), we were enveloped in the world of celebrities, cosplay, and all things Film & TV!

Our adventure began at The Old Angel in Hockley. I met my entourage for the day: my dad, a huge Red Dwarf fan, and my friend, who works in the miniatures department at Games Workshop. Over a pint of Camden Pale, we planned our quest to discover all that Em-Con had to offer at the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham.

As we arrived to pick up our passes, we were greeted by an impressive array of cosplayers. A full team from Stargate SG1 was stationed at the entrance, setting the tone for the day. We passed a Warhammer Adepta Sororitas Battle Sister in full battle armour, who received a salute from my friend, if only they were aware he worked on the very miniatures their outfit was based on! Kylo Ren strode past us, flanked by goons from Resident Evil's Umbrella Corporation, as we made our way onto the concourse surrounding the main arena.

The concourse to the right was teeming with stalls offering memorabilia, cakes, and confectionery. We spotted Luffy from One Piece and Naruto admiring the visual treasures on display. The energy and excitement were palpable as we descended the stairs into the main auditorium, greeted by a visual feast.

The jumbotron of the arena had been repurposed to relay information about the day's events, including celebrity appearances, special announcements, and general updates. In front of us stood the iconic Jeep from Jurassic Park and a DeLorean in all its glory. We ventured into the celebrity signing area, where my dad quickly spotted Chris Barrie (Rimmer from Red Dwarf) and Sir Tony Robinson (Baldrick from Black Adder). The queues for signings weren't too bad, and the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement.

Everywhere we looked, fans of all ages, including families with children, were beaming as they met their TV and film idols. It was truly a heartwarming experience to see so many people enjoying the event together.

We decided to hit the floor and explore the stalls. In the middle of the arena, we encountered some fantastic photo opportunities. The East Midlands Garrison was there, with two stormtroopers and an imperial commander standing menacingly. In the next area, a T.A.R.D.I.S. and Dalek were on display, opposite an expressive Johnny Five who took centre stage. As a Cylon and a giant 7-foot Wookie passed me, I was in awe of the length’s attendees go to with their quality cosplay and outfits.

All in all, Em-Con is a day for all ages. We highly recommend it as Nottingham's premier yearly Comicon-style event. You can get lost for hours in the buzz of this awesome two-day extravaganza. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just looking for a fun day out, Em-Con has something for everyone. Mark your calendars for next year – you won't want to miss it!


Em-Con 2024
Participatory Event
A photo of a cosplayer dressed as Mando from Star Wars
Motorpoint Arena Nottingham
Event Venue
Motorpoint Arena Nottingham

Situated in the heart of Nottingham city centre and with a capacity of 10,000, Motorpoint Arena Nottingham hosts the biggest names in live music, comedy and sports.



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