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Nottingham’s exciting classical music festival, the Nottingham Chamber Music Festival (NCMF) arrives in the city centre from July 11th – 14th. The Festival gathers Nottingham’s top local and international musicians to perform in venues across the city centre.

What is Chamber Music? The clue is that chamber music usually features small groups of musicians performing together. Unlike a large orchestra where you’ll see 20 violins playing the same part together, in chamber music it’s often one musician per instrument. With this combination you get the exciting synergy and intimacy of musicians playing together, much like a rock band!

Festival Director Carmen Flores says, “Chamber music is all about seeing the musicians up close and feeling the joyous, visceral energy in their performance. Somewhere during the Festival, you’ll discover music that will truly move you.”

NCMF is also all about taking you to new spaces in Nottingham to experience live music. Flores says, “We’re here to share amazing music in spaces around Nottingham that are outside the traditional concert hall.” 

Both free and ticketed concerts are available for NCMF 2024. There are concerts for all age ranges, including a Family concert, making it a truly accessible event for everyone.

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This blog was supplied by the Chamebr Music Festival.


Nottingham Chamber Music Festival 2024
Nottingham Chamber Music Festival 2024

The Nottingham Chamber Music Festival (NCMF2024) returns for a weekend packed with concerts in Nottingham’s cultural spaces!



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