If walls could talk, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem could surely tell some tales! Believed to have been built in 1189 and suggested to have been a pit stop for crusader knights, this iconic pub, nestled at the foot of Nottingham Castle in the Sandstone cliff, is shrouded in history and mystery and firmly on every tourist’s bucket list when they visit the city!

The pub is truly unique, serving up traditional ales, local brews and a selection of spirits…. but not just of the bottled variety! The current 30th known landlord, Karl Gibson, is very mindful of the history, heritage, and resident ghosts in the pub, telling me all about ‘Yorkey’ on a recent visit. 

George Henry Ward, affectionately know as Yorkey to the staff and regulars was a landlord of the Trip between 1894 – 1914. Seemingly he loved the place so much that he never checked out, even when he died! Karl believes this might have had something to do with his sister taking control of the pub, not thought to get on, that might be why he continued to hang about playing tricks.

The snug in the pub is also worth a look. There hangs a portrait of an unknown woman, dressed in Victorian style garb. Recently upon a refurb the painting was taken down. When the picture was placed back on a different wall, several noted that the usually dower looking woman now had a smile raising the corner of her mouth! Presumably the view was much better and she approved!

The real talking point in the Trip is housed in the Rock Lounge located on the second floor. The Cursed Galleon is fabled not only in Nottingham but in the paranormal community. Legend has it that the wooden model galleon was given as a gift by a sailor who had visited. The ship for many years hung downstairs in the pub and collected ridiculous amounts of dust, literally hanging from floor to ceiling, very odd in a sandstone cave as noted by landlord Karl.

Here in lies the tale…the galleon was cleaned and moved position in the pub, the unfortunate who took on the task reportedly met with his maker not long after. In fact, the last 3 people to have handled the galleon have all met with a mysterious end!

Landlords thereafter have refused to let anyone clean the galleon over the years hence it’s grimy condition and why the model was placed in a glass case by a spiritualist many decades ago.

A most recent story from Karl was when he posed under the Galleon for a photograph as part of a piece being written by a travelling journalist, much like the photo we took above. When the journalist proofed the photos, he noted that in one the Galleon was present but not Karl and in another taken Karl was there but not the Galleon. Trick of the mind, the power of a curse or maybe Yorkey up to his old tricks again, who knows!

Make sure to visit this fantastic pub, steeped in history, charm and with some ghostly goings on! Try the Halloween guest brews on the bar or book a place on The Original Nottingham Ghost Walk which meets from here each Saturday at 7pm. The popular Trip cellar tours are available to book throughout the year also.

Blog written by Anna Scott


Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem
Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

Situated at the foot of Nottingham Castle and nestled in the sandstone cliff rock, Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem is England's oldest inn and a landmark of Nottingham history.



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