If you’re not one to usually celebrate Valentine’s Day or are simply looking for something a little different to do with your other half this year, then look no further. We’ve pulled together a few special events and attractions in Nottinghamshire that we think may be right up your street when it comes to romance with a twist.

1. Escape Room Experience

If you’re feeling up to taking on a challenge with your other half, we’ve just the date idea for you; escape rooms, and thankfully, Nottingham has them in abundance. Newest on the scene is Cave Escape. Based within a unique site - a sandstone cave system once used as cellars, Cave Escape aims to bring you some seriously immersive escape games, jam-packed full of riveting twists and turns, conundrums and puzzles!

Escapalogic offers a great range of themed rooms with movie-quality special effects and completely realistic sets and sound design - choose from the clever, the curious, or the downright creepy.  At Logiclock, expect pirates, professors and Mafia-themed rooms, from which you and your plus one will have just one hour to escape.

2. The Lost City Adventure Golf 

Come rain or shine The Lost City Adventure Golf is a cute place for a date, surrounded by the sights and sounds of a tropical rainforest. This state-of-the-art adventure golf complex features two 18-hole courses where you can either be a true romantic and help your partner (or best buddy) to conquer the course, or get competitive and go head to head. Following your round of adventure golf, celebrate your wins or commiserate your losses with an exotic cocktail in their Tiki themed bar. 

3. Snowdrop walks

For those who find Valentine’s Day a bit too sickly sweet and commercialised - but still want to show their loved one that they care, or for couples who value presence over presents.

Catch the Snowdrop Walks at Belvoir Castle.

4. Virtual Reality at MeetspaceVR

Throw yourself into a new experience at MeetspaceVR; Nottingham's premier virtual reality gaming base. Single? Well, dont worry, you can bring your mate instead. They won't be asking for evidence!

5. Murder Mystery at The National Justice Museum

The National Justice Museum are hosting an early Valentine's Day on Saturday 11th February with Cocktails and Crime: Dead to Writes. Celebrated mystery writer Athene Olivier is launching her first novel in over a decade at Nottingham’s Shire Hall. Champagne is fizzing as the guests eagerly await a special reading from the author herself, when a body is discovered! Join the colourful cast of characters as you must decide whodunnit! You will interrogate each suspect before coming together in the grand court for the final accusations. Your tickets include a cocktail or mocktail upon arrival.

6. Jazz Evening at Peggy's Skylight

Peggy's Skylight are hosting their Valentines with Me and Mr Jones Quartet on 14th February. Love is a theme explored by countless artists, from Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday & Etta James, offering a wonderful balance of earthy, soulful toe-tapping blues, contrasted with the intimate, lyrical beauty of our favourite jazz ballads. You can even grab one of their signature cocktails or a bite to eat from their mezze menu on your visit!

7. The Heights of Abraham

The first four days of the season (11th – 14th Feb), the Heights of Abraham have a truly romantic vibe! Their living history actors are well versed in the art of love, and they’ll be sharing their poetry with guests. Meanwhile, the Vista Restaurant provides a beautiful view to dine for, the Terrace café offers cakes, fancies and warming hot chocolate with heart shaped scones, and the Tavern firepit provides the perfect excuse to toast marshmallows. Add in their illuminated cavern tours, woodland trails, gift shops and picturesque views across the Derwent Valley, and you're sure to have a truly heart-warming day out.

This blog was first published in 2019 and was updated in 2024. 


Cave Escape
Family Fun
Cave Escape

Cave Escape is the newest addition to Nottingham's amazing escape room scene. Based within a unique site - a sandstone cave system once used as cellars; Cave Escape aims to bring you some seriously immersive escape games, jam-packed full of riveting twists and turns, conundrums and puzzles!

Escapologic Escape Rooms
Experience Days
Escapologic Escape Rooms | Visit Nottinghamshire

Thrills, suspense, mystery and horror await in our incredible rooms! Every locked door in Escapologic Escape Rooms opens on another world.

Family Fun
Pirate Escape Room Logiclock | Visit Nottinghamshire

Logiclock is an entertaining puzzle-based live escape game, designed for small groups of 3-5 people.

The Lost City Adventure Golf
Golf Course
The Lost City Nottingham

Start your epic adventure at The Lost City Adventure Golf in The Cornerhouse!

Snow Drop Walks at Belvoir Castle
General Event
Snow Drop Walks at Belvoir Castle

Enjoy a ramble amongst the snowdrops at the Belvoir Castle estate and admire even more spring blooms appearing as the weeks progress.

Indoor Attraction
MeetspaceVR | Visit Nottinghamshire

Use the promotional code VISITNOTTS24 for 15% off your online booking.

Heights of Abraham
Heights of Abraham | Visit Nottinghamshire

Towering above the pretty village of Matlock Bath, in the Derwent Valley, is The Heights of Abraham, one of Britain’s top visitor attractions. The estate has been welcoming tourists for over two centuries, but it wasn’t until 1984 when an ambitious plan to install a cable car transport system was realized, that visitors could literally take off to The Heights.

Valentine's with Me & Mr Jones Quartet
Live Music
Valentines with Me & Mr Jones Trio

​​​​​​​Enjoy an evening of romance with the one you love...'A voice like Baileys with chocolate!'- songs by the likes of Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday & Etta James.



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