The beautiful city of Nottingham is often associated with angry sheriffs and outlaws. These cliches, however, have not been able to diminish its popularity and charm. The spirited city is always buzzing, primarily attributed to the presence of energetic students who have played a pivotal role in transforming Nottingham's music and club scene. For history buffs - every corner of the city is a new lesson in history -- from the 11th-century Nottingham Castle to the majestic Wollaton Hall, there are numerous beautiful sites to be relished. Nottingham is also known for its lively theatre scene and regularly hosts dance, music, and drama performances throughout the year. This strikingly beautiful English city has something for everyone. 

If you are planning a trip to Nottingham, here are ten interesting Nottingham facts you must know from our friends at - a famous leading travel publisher. 

Nottingham's History Is Incomplete Without the Mention of Robin Hood

According to English folktales, Robin Hood was an adept archer and swordsman who robbed from the rich and gave generously to the poor. He worked in concomitance with 'Merry Men,' a group of brigands who supported Robin Hood. The large English Oak called the Major Oak was the hideout place of these brigands. Today, the people of Nottingham see the Major Oak as a symbol of the good done by Robin Hood. If you are interested in the life and times of this legendary heroic outlaw, we recommend taking a tour of the Robin Hood Town

If You Have Already Seen Big Ben, It's Time to See Little John

What is Nottingham famous for? The Little John.
Within the dome of the Nottingham Council House is placed a 10.5-tonne bell designed by world-famous bell designers John Taylor Co of Loughborough in 1927. This bell is the fifth largest bell in the U.K. and sounds every 15 minutes. 

Mysterious Metal Line at Old Market Square

There's a mysterious metal line that runs down the middle of Old Market Square; it marks the wall that used to divide the animal market from the grain and commercial market way back in the day. A wall was built across the market, running east to west. 

The First Boots Shop Was Opened in Nottingham

If you are not familiar with Boots, you are probably living under a rock. Boots UK Ltd. is a health and beauty store chain with a significant presence in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Thailand. The first Boots store was located in Goose Gate. John Boot, an agricultural worker, had opened this herbalist's store to cater to the poor people in the city. After John passed away in 1860, his wife and children travelled around the country, collecting herbs and taking forward the dream of John Boot. At the age of 27, Jesse Boot took the sole ownership of the store and laid the foundation for the present-day Boot empire. 

Nottingham Has Given the World Many Celebrity Faces

John Boot and Jesse Boot aren't the only successful faces associated with Nottingham. The city has given the world many legendary poets, prodigious musicians, and ace fashion designers. Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire is the ancestral home of Lord Byron, the legendary poet associated with the Romantic movement. Bruce Dickinson, the lead singer of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden, was born in Workshop, Nottinghamshire. Similarly, both Jake Bugg, the famous English Musician, and Ian Paice, the drummer and the last constant original member of Deep Purple, are also from Nottingham. Sir Paul Smith, credited with revolutionising men's clothing in the last 70s and early 80s, was also born in Nottingham. The list is actually endless. 

'The Dark Knight Rises' Features Wollaton Hall

The Hollywood hit film 'The Dark Knight Rises' features Wollaton Hall as the Wayne Manor. Though Wollaton Hall had always enjoyed great popularity as a city attraction, it registered a significant boost in the number of annual visitors after it was featured in the film. Similarly, the Gotham village in Nottinghamshire also witnesses a regular influx of Batman fans throughout the year.

Nottingham's Goose Fair Used to Be a Trade Event

The Goose Fair, today, is most famous for its rides and attractions. However, it is an interesting fact that this fair has actually started as a livestock trading event in 1284. The festival became widespread, primarily due to the excellent cheese served. Today, this fair is very famous and attracts almost half a million visitors each year. It is Europe’s largest travelling fair.

Nottingham Gave the World Traffic Lights

Here's one of the most interesting facts about Nottingham. John Peake was a British railway manager who specialised in designing of signalling systems for the railway network. After continually reading about road accidents, Peake decided to apply his knowledge of railway signaling systems on the road. In 1866, he created a basic system to control the traffic. This first traffic light was installed at Bridge Street in Westminster, London. Had it not been for Peake and Nottingham, we would have been living a very chaotic world.

Visit Creswell Crags to Witness Ice Age Art

Creswell Crags is a limestone gorge located on the border of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, close to the village of Creswell.

It is believed that these caves provided shelter in the Ice age, and also have numerous stories to tell about Neolithic, Bronze, and Roman eras. To witness Ice Age engravings, pay a visit to these caves. These caves have given the world several bones, tools, and other artefacts belonging to the stone age and other primitive eras.

Nottingham Was Once Called Snotingham

Here is an unusual fact about Nottingham. Back in 600 AD, the town of Nottingham was under the direct rule of the Snotingas, an Anglo-Saxon tribe. The tribe had got its name from its chief who was called Snot. The Snotingas referred to the present-day Nottingham as Snotingham. Believe it or not, the word 'Snotingham' actually means the town of snot people. The town's name witnessed many changes and modifications before finally settling on Nottingham.


The Major Oak
Historic Site
The Major Oak in Sherwood Forest | Visit Nottinghamshire

Sherwood Forest, a 450-acre country park and nature reserve, is home to the well-loved veteran oak tree the Major Oak, which is known throughout the world for its connection to Nottinghamshire’s legendary hero Robin Hood.

Ezekial Bone's Robin Hood Tours of Nottingham
Tours & Tour Guides
Ezekial Bone Robin Hood | Visit Nottinghamshire

Ezekial Bone’s character-led heritage tours capture the spirit of Nottingham. Entertaining, educational and inspirational, Bone’s theatrical tours are based on historical fact and explore the best places to see in Nottingham. Ezekial Bone also leads the top tourist attraction ‘Robin Hood Town Tour.’

Little John - the bell
Little John - the bell

Listen to the chimes of Little John.

Nottingham Council House
Historic Site
Nottingham Council House

It takes a building of some distinction to stand out in a city as rich in beautiful and interesting architecture as Nottingham, and the Council House does not disappoint...

Newstead Abbey
Historic Site
Newstead Abbey

A beautiful historic house set in a glorious landscape of gardens and parkland within the heart of Nottinghamshire.

Wollaton Hall and Park
Wollaton Hall - Visit Nottinghamshire

Spectacular Elizabethan Mansion and Deer Park set in the beautiful suburbs of Nottingham. Car parking £5 all day and £3 up to 2 hours (before 9 am).

Goose Fair
Fete / Fair
Goose Fair

Nottingham’s world-famous Goose Fair will once again be held over ten days in 2023.

Creswell Crags
Historic Site
Creswell Crags, Nottinghamshire

Creswell Crags, in North Nottinghamshire is a limestone gorge honeycombed with caves and smaller fissures. Stone tools and remains of animals found in the caves by archaeologists provide evidence for a fascinating story of life during the last Ice Age between 50,000 and 10,000 years ago. Further evidence came to light in 2003 with the discovery of Britain’s only known Ice Age rock art.



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