Nottinghamshire might be known for the infamous outlaw, Robin Hood, and although his face is plastered all over the city and county, there’s plenty more to good old Notts. Over the years Nottinghamshire has acquired numerous statues and sculptures, representing and remembering our legends and guardians. Whether you want to capture that perfect picture for your Instagram or just something to remember your visit by, this list is definitely worth a read to find out where our legendary statues and sculptures reside.

City Centre Lions

Left Lion City Centre | Visit Nottinghamshire

Right in the city centre, and guarding the steps of the Council House, you’ll find two stone lions, created by sculptor Joseph Else. Nottingham Council House is adorned in beautiful statues and friezes, but the two art deco lions that have been guarding it since 1929 are now iconic, and rightly so. For years locals have adopted the ‘Left Lion’ as a meeting place, bringing people together and serving as a great picture opportunity.

Chinese Guardian Lions

Chinese Guardian Lions | Visit Nottinghamshire

This fine pair of Chinese guardian lions was gifted to the city by our very own Chinese sister city, Ningbo. Marking a decade of civic partnership between both cities, this fierce pair of felines have been guarding University of Nottingham’s Highfields Park campus since 2015. It is thought that these lions protect the building from harmful spiritual influences and people that might be a threat. Naturally, Nottingham presented the Chinese city with a replica of our very own Robin Hood statue in return.

Robin Hood and his Merry Men

Robin Hood Statue | Visit Nottinghamshire

This list would be nothing without a mention of Nottingham’s legendary outlaw, Robin Hood. The bronze statue, right beneath Nottingham Castle, was revealed in 1952 and is made to last no less than 6,000 years. Standing tall on a two-and-a-half-ton block of white Clipsham stone, he is surrounded by his Merry Men and wall plaques telling the tales of Robin Hood and his band of outlaws. You’ll notice that the statue is situated outside the castle walls, symbolising how Robin Hood was an outsider to the establishment. Take your picture with the famous Robin Hood statue and join an ever-growing list of celebrities and visitors who have gone before you.

Brian Clough 

Brian Clough | Visit Nottinghamshire

If you’re a football supporter the Brian Clough statue, standing proudly in Nottingham city centre just off Old Market Square, is where you need to be to get your photo taken. A sporting legend and Nottingham Forest’s pride and joy, Brian Clough managed the club for 18 years, leading Forest to its greatest achievements and bringing home multiple cups, from a League Title to the European Cup. Funded by a group of volunteers who raised nearly £70,000, the statue was unveiled by his widow, Barbara, in 2008 with a crowd of 4,000 people.

D.H. Lawrence

D.H. Lawrence by Jamie Wisner 2006 | Visit Nottinghamshire

If you’re a fan of literature, you wouldn’t want to miss out on a picture opportunity with Nottingham’s literary legend, D.H. Lawrence. The renowned writer and poet has been immortalized in a life-sized bronze statue, sculpted by Diana Thomson and unveiled by members of Lawrence’s family back in 1994. Those who take a gander around the grounds of the University of Nottingham will find the university’s most famous literary alumnus standing tall in the fields of the university park campus.

William Booth

William Booth | Visit Nottinghamshire

Only a stone’s throw away from the city centre you’ll find yourself in Sneinton, where William Booth, Methodist preacher and founder of The Salvation Army, is stood right in front of his ancestral home. The Georgian period building is where a young William Booth was born in 1829 and spent his early years before moving to London at the age of 20. Don’t forget to take a look at the William Booth Birthplace Museum and travel back in time to see how William turned his vision into reality.

National Justice Museum

National Justice Museum | Visit Nottinghamshire

The National Justice Museum in itself is essentially one big statue, remembering the times in which it functioned as a Victorian courtroom, gaol and police station where you could be arrested, sentenced and even executed in one building. In the museum’s courtyard you’ll find the gallows, previously used to execute convicts by hanging. A rather gruesome photo opportunity, but wouldn’t that just be a picture-perfect vision to keep for the end of time?

Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest

Robin Hood Sherwood Forest | Visit Nottinghamshire

If you want to find Robin Hood in his natural habitat, head to Sherwood Forest where he’ll be awaiting you. Sherwood Forest is said to be the home of our favourite outlaw, so what could be a better backdrop for your picture with Mr Hood than here. Whilst you’re there, take a look at his hiding place, The Major Oak - it might not be a statue, but it sure has got the status of one. Another statue of Robin Hood and his beloved Maid Marian is right around the corner in Edwinstowe - you might as well take two for the price of one.   

Sky Mirror

Sky Mirror Nottingham Playhouse | Visit Nottinghamshire

This shiny sculpture will most definitely catch your eye as it is the first thing that greets the visitors of Nottingham Playhouse. The Sky Mirror, which forms part of a water feature, was created by renowned artist Anish Kapoor and installed in 2001. With it being angled up to the sky, the stainless-steel sculpture will always show a reflection of its surroundings, whether it’s capturing the sunlight or those who pass by.

Eurydice Prevails

Eurydice Prevails Lakeside Arts | Visit Nottinghamshire

These two, almost otherworldly, sculptures have been created in memory of Lady Carol Djanogly, long-standing friend and philanthropist to the University of Nottingham and Lakeside Arts. This artwork, created by Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva, is made out of elm trees, using an ancient Japanese process of Yakisugi to preserve the word, and inscribed with metallic motifs. According to the artist herself, Eurydice Prevails is a rewriting of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice - and this time the heroine does escape Hades! If you’re perusing the grounds at Lakeside Arts, definitely look out for this treasure.

This blog was written by Ananda Datema, Marketing Assistant at Visit Nottinghamshire.


The Left Lion
Credit VisitEngland

Beloved by locals as a famous ‘meeting place’, Nottingham’s Left Lion is one of two stone lions situated either side of the steps leading to the front entrance of the Council House.

Robin Hood Statue
Historic Site
Robin Hood Statue | Visit Nottinghamshire

An iconic Nottingham landmark, join the hundreds of celebrities and visitors who have had their photo taken at the famous Robin Hood statue at Nottingham Castle.

Brian Clough statue
Brian Clough statue

The Brian Clough statue stands proudly in Nottingham city centre just off Old Market Square.

William Booth Statue
William Booth Statue

The Methodist preacher William Booth, who was born in Sneinton in 1829, founded the of the Salvation Army. Based on the Christian principle of providing salvation, particularly to the poor, the organisation now works throughout the world.

D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum
D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum

D.H. Lawrence was born here, at 8a Victoria Street in 1885, the first of the Lawrence family’s four Eastwood homes. Today you can visit this authentically recreated miner’s cottage, birthplace of world renowned Nottinghamshire author, then explore the surrounding countryside, which inspired his work.

National Justice Museum
National Justice Museum | Nottingham

Meet amazing, costumed characters from Nottingham's history in our Grade II* listed, Shire Hall. Explore the Victorian Courtroom, Georgian gaol, and ancient cells - all spread over five fascinating floors.

Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre & National Nature Reserve
Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre & National Nature Reserve

Home of Robin Hood and once part of a royal hunting forest, Sherwood Forest Country Park covers 450 acres and incorporates some truly ancient areas of native woodland.

Sky Mirror at Nottingham Playhouse
Nottingham Playhouse Sky mirror

Anish Kapoor's Sky Mirror is a must see piece of art, located at Nottingham Playhouse within the city centre.

Eurydice Prevails
Eurydice Prevails sculpture at Nottingham Lakeside Arts

Eurydice Prevails, at Nottingham Lakeside Arts is one of a series of inverted tree works Elpida has made over the last ten years. She has a continuing interest in that which is hidden, and has explored this through works including Ambush (New Forest, 2000) where she made a tunnel with glass ceilings for audiences to experience the forest from beneath the ground; Fragility (Fabrica, Brighton, 2015) considering the expérience de mort imminente and Making Beauty (Lakeside Arts, 2016), a project exploring regenerative medicine and the gut with art works crafted from the insides of animals.



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